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Rancho Victoria Vineyard in Victoria Valley is located at the western base of the Shenandoah wine region, in Amador County. 118 acres of its 400 acre footprint are planted to vines. Rancho Victoria Vineyard not only specializes in producing their own fine wine, but they also provide premium grapes to large and small winemakers.

By conferring with master vineyard consultant, Mitchell Klug, Rancho Victoria Vineyard was professionally designed, developed and planted. Klug has been involved with vineyard consulting for over 30 years. He is an advocate for quality and sustainability.

Committed to sustainable farming across operations, Rancho Victoria Vineyard has embraced eco-friendly practices which include allowing areas of land to remain in a natural, pristine state to support indigenous plant and wildlife. In the vineyards, they minimize the use of synthetic substances by substituting or augmenting them with age-old methods such as natural predation to help control insects and animals that are harmful to the vines. Natural resources and energy conservation will be served by water reclamation and reuse.

These practices help to limit environmental impact, increase soil and plant health, which results in higher quality fruit. This also allows Rancho Victoria Vineyard and our Northern California winery clients to consistently produce premium wines.

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